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Charcuterie Board 101: Go All-Out this Holiday Season

There is nothing funner, richer nor more visually pleasing than greeting your guests with a majestic charcuterie board. For those who have followed me for a while you know I go all-out with my charcuterie boards and truly love to adapt them to match the season, the occasion, or the type of event.

Here are some tips and how-to's step by step.

My main tips are:

  1. Set a theme. For instance, the teme for this particular board was for the Holidays.

  2. Place your parchment paper down and cut it to the width of the table.

  3. Layer Layer Layer. From larger to smaller foods. Place the larger fruits and vegetables first, and start layering the cheeses, meets, nuts & crackers.

  4. Add greenery and even candles if you're feeling funky.

  5. Arrange the set-up by categories to direct guests to make a cheese pairing with the right ingredients. Ie. add the manchego cheese next to a fig spread and nut cracker ;)

Step by step:

  1. Cheese: Add your favorite! I like to create a mix of hard, soft, sweet and savory cheese: Manchego, goat, gouda, parmesan, brie.

  2. Meats: Salami/prosciutto.

  3. Fruits / Vegetables: (For decor) Oranges (sliced or whole), pears, pomegranates cut open, orange cauliflower, artichoke, brussels sprouts on vine, delicata squash.

  4. Fruits / Vegetables: (For eating) Grapes, mini bell peppers, carrots, baby tomatoes on vine, sliced cucumbers,

  5. Dips/jams: I like to to carve our peppers and cabbage and add yogurt dip or hummus. For jams I like to use a fig jam to pair with cheese and crackers.

  6. Nuts/olives/dried fruit: Dried apricots, dates, dried cranberries, dried figs, roasted almonds, pistachios, green olives.

  7. Crackers/bread: I like to use Simple Mills, Mary's Crackers, and a fresh multi-seed bread.

  8. Decor: candles/pomegranate kernels, eucalyptus.

I like to buy a few staples groceries at WF or Trader Joes and then buy some speciality cheese/produce at a local market. Most importantly, I love to have fun with it and enjoy the whole process!

I hope you enjoy & have fun with it as well!

Share your charcuterie boards and tag us at @dearmoosh


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