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Why we love gua sha, and why you should too:

Of all the muscles that we have in the body, 43 are located in the face and are in charge of all the movements we do with it, from chewing to smiling, going through endless facial expressions. We exercise these muscles all day with no rest, something that ends up taking its toll on our skin and its aging process. It is not enough to just take care of the surface of our skin but also the base on which it rests.

We should stretch and massage our faces after a long day the same way we stretch and massage our bodies after a workout. The perfect facial massage for this is Gua Sha. More than a massage, it is a facial ritual that uses the principles of acupuncture to sculpt the face. It is practiced with a special stone, made of jade or quartz, carved into a specific shape that allows it to adapt perfectly to the contours of the skin… I personally love Cecily Brandon’s Green Nephrite Stone. Green Nephrite has excellent calming properties and deeply stimulates vital energy. The right stone is essential for Gua Sha to be effective and to absorb all benefits from its healing properties.

Here are some of the main benefits of Gua Sha:

- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

- Helps to drain and detoxify.

- Gives luminosity to the skin.

- Reduces under eye bags.

- Helps the penetration of creams and serums.

- Improves circulation.

These are some basic movements:

This truly is one of my most essential daily rituals, it makes such a difference in my skin, giving so much firmness and luminosity, and making it look so young. You must try if you have not done so yet!


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