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Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

At a blink of an eye the Holidays are just around the corner. Truly the most wonderful time of the year, the Holidays are all about getting together, sharing especial moments with our loved ones, letting them know how much they mean to us, putting our phones down and enjoying every. Single. Second.

This year, more than ever, gifting has a magical meaning. It is all about choosing something special, something with a meaning and purpose... something that sparks joy and brings a smile, and something that will endure. Giving and gifting, no matter the price tag, has the power to touch hearts and unite. In the spirit of this Holiday season, most importantly, we would like to encourage you to donate to a charitable cause. We would like to also invite you to explore our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide where you will find endless ideas for the beauty, health, wellness, workout or fashion addict. Enjoy!

Bala Weights: Ideal to add comfortable resistance to your workout while fashionable and at a great price point. Perfect for the workout addict in your life. They come in cool colors.

Hanic Skin Body Cream: The most luxurious body cream. I was a strictly body oil person until I tried this lotion. 100% non toxic. Perfect stocking stuffer.

Hanic Skin Rose de Mai Face Oil: Light weight anti-aging oil that does not make the skin oily. Deeply hydrates and it is perfect to use for gua sha.

Hanic Skin Neroli Water: Refreshing toner to help brighten the skin and bring it back to its perfect balance.

Cashmere Bed Socks: Luxurious and neutral gift item for everyone.

Suri x Moosh Eye Mask: For the fabulous sleep-lover. Good stocking stuffer and great additive to any gift.

Le Labo Candle: Most luxurious candles. My favorite scents are Rose 31, Palo Santo and Santal. You cannot go wrong with these.

La Gotta Nourishing CBD Hair Oil: So nourishing and strengthens your hair and softens it. So light and truly helps make your hair healthier.

Lymphatic Drainage Paddle: So easy to use and effective. Helps to move the fascia and truly aids with lymphatic drainage.

Slip Pillow Case: Great for hair and skin, with amazing anti-aging properties. I use these nightly, they feel so luxurious and are perfect as stocking stuffer.

doTERRA Spa Kit: Great starter pack for someone who is interested in essential oils and/or wellness. Perfect for the holidays and cold winter season.

doTERRA Diffuser: Great addition to the spa kit.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette: Favorite make up palette; perfect shades for the holidays. This is a great gift for the fashionista or beauty lover in your life.

Acupressure Mat: Amazing gift as it provides the same results as acupressure massage services done by a specialist. It stimulates pressure points along the meridians of the body, and is known for releasing headaches, backache, neck pain, joint pain, sore muscles etc.

We Are Not Really Strangers: Cards against humanity move over, this is hands down the best card game! I was recommended this game by a friend and have played it with so many different groups of people. It helps engage you in a way that you would have never been prompted to. The questions allow you to look deep into yourself and be put face to face with your reality. It seeks truth. Looking to deepen your relationships? This is the perfect gift for you. Perfect for friends and family.

The Feelist Radiant Facial Oil: I have recently started using this face oil and it truly gives you that healthy glow. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that calm, hydrate and revitalize the skin,

Suri x Moosh Holly PJ Set: Perfect for the glam gal in your life. This is a limitless pajama that can be worn from the sheets to the streets.

Suri x Moosh Charlotte PJ Set: The perfect gift for the classic beauty. You cannot go wrong with this timeless set with a fabulous twist. It comes in black and peach!

Sakara Meal Plan: Vegan and GF meal plan with creative dishes that taste amazing. The perfect gift for the busy person in your life or someone who is looking to make a life change this upcoming year and start with a bang. Great gift for a bride (not that they need a detox but I find this is a helpful kickstart). Thoughtful gift for a busy person who needs some diet structure

Master Class Subscription: This subscription blew up in quarantine and now that we are home it is more meaningful than ever. They have amazing guests stars and it feeds into every audience from the fashionista to the foodie. This is a gift for all.

Apparis Blanket: The world's softest blanket don't @ me. It comes in so many colors and is currently on sale. Great gift for the cozy person in your life; someone that lives in cold weather or someone that may just bought a house.

Our Place Pan: Non toxic all-use pan. Great for a chef or the person who makes simple meals and is a minimalist. I bought it for my mom for Christmas and think it is an innovative all in one product (we love that).

Gua Sha Stone: Gua sha is something I have been into for the past few years but in all honesty did not do consistently until I bought this stone in March. It is an absolute GAME CHANGER. It feels like butter on the skin and you see visible differences, the stone really does matter. This is a great gift in conjunction with the rose oil for someone who is into wellness and beauty. For more information check out our gua sha article.

Ziip: Nano current and micro current at home device. I encourage you to use it around 3x a week for visible results. I have had mine for two years and even though at times it is hard to be consistent,when I do use it, it works and gives you a glow like none other. It makes you look like you just had a facial. Ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and to fight acne.

Dyson Airwrap: Honestly, the Dyson is my religion. I cannot recommend this item more. It is the best investment ever and gives you that straight-out-of-a-salon look. Best gift ever. I gave this to my mom for Christmas last year and I have been using it for a year and a half every single day.

Omega Juicer: I have had this juicer for 5 years now, and I swear by it, it is a slow juicer that preserves all of the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables. I use it to juice my celery daily. This is the perfect gift for a person who is looking to stay healthy but has difficulty staying on top of their routine or someone who is on top of their routine and needs some optimization (you want them to appreciate it). It is the real deal and so easy to clean.

Vitamix: Need I say more: this is a must have kitchen appliance. It has completely replaced our food processor and blender. I use it to make oat flour, nut milk, smoothies, nut butter, hummus, soup etc.

Omnilux: At home LED light therapy mask. It is anti-aging, helps against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and is also great for acne break outs and to avoid scarring. I have been using consistently for 5 months now and it has truly helped minimize my fine lines and acne (controls inflammation). First month I used it 5x a week and now 3x a week. Perfect gift for the beauty lover.

Peloton Bike: This brand has exploded in popularity in the past year. I personally have had a peloton bike since 2017 and although I am not big into spinning I must say I love a solid 30 minute Ally Love or Cody ride. There is nothing like jumping on the bike and getting in a good sweat. I could not recommend this more- a great investment.

Biomat: I discovered the Biomat a few years ago while being treated at my acupuncturists office. It is an infrared Biomat made up of amethyst crystals (I know it sounds woo woo, but it really works) and it was the first crystal mat approved by NASA. Some benefits include: stress relief, increased blood circulation, stiffness and joint pain, and muscle relaxation. This is probably the most used device in my house next to our omega juicer.


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