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Your Ultimate V-Day Gift Guide

Valentine's gift guide

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching we have prepared a gift guide to help you celebrate every Valentine in your life. Here are our favorite items to be gifted by your lover, to gift your bestie or to treat your damn self!

  1. Suri x Moosh Holly Glam PJ Set - for the most fabulous valentine/galentine who loves elevated loungewear.

  2. Luna Rossa Chubby Hoops - for the jewelry addict, these classic hoops are a wardrobe staple.

  3. CJB Green Nephrite Gua Sha Stone - for the beauty queen, the best gua sha stone there is in the market.

  4. HANIC Skin Rose de Mai Oil - perfect to use for gua sha, with strong anti-aging properties and all-natural ingredients.

  5. We're Not Really Strangers Card Game - All about empowering meaningful connections.

  6. WNRS Honest Dating Expansion Pack - if she or you already own the WNRS Card Game, this expansion will prompt you to dig deeper into your relationship.

  7. Suri x Moosh Charlotte PJ Set- for the classic beauty, you cannot go wrong with this set.

  8. Sakara Life Cookbook - Eat Clean, Play Dirty. For those who love the healthy lifestyle or who want to implement a lifestyle change, this cookbook has soul-loving recipes.

  9. Year Of Ours Teddy Leggings - For the workout addict, these hot pink leggings are a must.

  10. Always Pan - For the chef in your life! This pan is non-toxic and all-use, perfect for simple meals.

  11. La Gotta Brassica Pink Bathing Suit - Planning a trip to the tropics once the pandemic is over? This bathing suit won't go out of style and will make your mouth drop.

  12. La Perla Powder Pink Bra - Sexy night out is not complete without a lingerie set and La Perla is definitely worth its price. Classic yet luxurious and with the most elevated quality and design.

We encourage you to gift something meaningful, that symbolizes love, friendship, kindness and hope.


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