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Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

Chronic inflammation has been highly linked to being one of the root causes of many diseases. Chronic inflammation is inflammation that can last for long periods of time and can lead to diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowl disease, allergies, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, arthritis, anxiety, skin problems, bloating, infertility, premature aging... amongst many others.

Having a proper diet and lifestyle is a vital factor to reduce inflammation and avoid these diseases. We always recommend following a Mediterranean diet packed with green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils, and fatty fish, and avoiding anything that is processed. If following these guidelines for Mediterranean diet doesn’t improve your symptoms then you may benefit from a more specialized diet plan. For a general approach we wanted to give you a list of foods that should be avoided to reduce inflammation and improve your quality of life.

Inflammatory foods and ingredients to avoid:

- Gluten

- Dairy

- Corn

- Soy

- Refined sugars

- Refined flours

- Eggs

- Fried foods

- Sodas

- Refined carbs

- Processed Meats

- Lard

- Saturated fats

- Trans fats

Be aware of food labels that claim to be gluten free and dairy free however contain additives that can be harmful such as:

- Citric acid

- Natural flavors

- MS

- Food coloring

- Sodium nitrate

- High fructose corn syrup

- Artificial sweeteners

- Carrageenan

- Sodium benzoate

- Xantham gum

- Artificial and natural flavoring

- Yeast extract

Best anti inflammatory foods:

- Plenty of Fruits and leafy green vegetables

- Root vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin

- Dried beans and lentils

- Avocado

- Wild fish

- Quinoa

- Seeds

- Grass fed chicken and meat

- Millet brown rice

Lastly drink mostly water and avoid bottled drinks such as juices and enhanced flavor waters.


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