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Mini NYC Wellness Guide

NYC is becoming more and more wellness focused, with its extensive list of wellness spas, healthy cafés, acupuncture centers, beauty salons, yoga and pilates studios. This is why I wanted to share a short guide of all my go-to and favorite wellness spots, for a self-care and self-love-centric approach to the city that never sleeps. THE WELL - Wellness Spa The Well brings together doctors and healers to collaborate and create dreamy in-class spaces, products and content; personalized treatments designed to decrease stress, relieve tension and elevated wellness experience.

CHILLHOUSE - Beauty Salon Modern spa offering facials, massages, nails alongside a wellness café. I love doing my nails here over a matcha latte.

DR TRAVALL - Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Best place in NYC for cosmetic facial acupuncture. From cupping to acupuncture, oxygen, and LED Dr. Travall does it all!

AIESHA ACUPUNCTURE - Acupuncture clinic

One of my favorite acupuncture clinics in NYC, truly works on nurturing the body and mind.

NOY SKINCARE - Buccal Facials A place that makes you feel like home. The buccal facials with Danna are a must! She truly is passionate about the skin and guides you on how to reset and simplify your routine to bring out its natural potential. Dreamiest experience. I left here chiseled.

RESCUE SPA - Biologique Recherche Facials

For an elevated facial experience with innovative products by Biologique Recherche. Customized and impeccable treatments. This is a statement you really cannot go wrong! I can never seem to walk out of this store without a few products.

RHEMEDY BY RHED - Therapeautic Massages

Amazing for therapeutic massages and holistic therapy - deep tissue massages and lymphatic massages are amongst many other of their treatments.

HIGHER DOSE - Infrared Sauna Spa

Quick and easy way to get in a nice infrared sauna session! Great way to rejuvenate, detoxify the body, calm the nervs, boost collagen, boost the immune system and improve circulation.

JUVENEX SPA - Wellness Spa

Open 24/7, this place is no fuss. My go-to treatment here is the body scrub which I like to do every season. Guaranteed that you will leave feeling like a baby's butt! This spa's main focus is to rejuvenate our bodies and mind.

PACIFIC TOUCH - Skin Rejuvenation & Acne-preventative Facials

Specializes in treating acne and uses non invasive cutting edge modalities for skin rejuvenation such as Microcurrent, LED Therapy, and Microneedling. Nichola's touch and energy is 10/10.

TENOVERTEN - I am always on a hunt to find solid non toxic mani and when I stumbled upon this place I was amazed. This place is beyond!! Their manicures are amazing, the space is clean and hygienic, and the people are so kind.

MODO YOGA - Yoga Studio

Wonderful yoga studio, soothing and relaxing ambiance that makes you feel at home! The instructors are so personable and really know what to say to hit you deep to your core. This is the only yoga class that got me to the studio at 7AM. Oh how I miss hot yoga...

YOGA VIDA - Yoga Studio

The aesthetic and vibes of this studio are impeccable. Perfect balance between effort and relaxation. I love this studio for its beautiful spaces and numerous of classes offered.

HUMMING PUPPY - Restorative Yoga

Favorite place for restorative yoga, the instructors truly strive to align the energy of body and mind and to offer a deeper practice. Whenever I feel slightly off or feel like I need to slow down I come here. Their soundproof rooms make you feel like you are on another planet. I feel an immediate shift when I leave!

THE NOFAR METHOD - Pilates Studio

The Nofar method truly focuses on transforming the body with results-driven, efficient and fun classes with Pilates equipment. The exercises combine strength, cardio and alignment, and they truly work on improving posture, strengthening the core and targetting every muscle. The classes are both challenging and inspiring, and help connecting body and mind.


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