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New Year Reset Guide

New Year, healthier lifestyle!!! At Moosh, we love setting new health goals and intentions at the beginning of each year, which is why we have created a New Year Reset Guide that is both effective and easy to follow. Here are some basic steps to reset your body & mind and begin this 2021 full of energy and healthy vibes.

  1. Make time to meditate every morning - even if it is just 5 min right when you wake up. Acknowledge the silence, give thanks and set your goals & intentions for the day. It truly makes all the difference in the world.

  2. Plan your meals & snacks for the week ahead: check out our easy-to-follow grocery list and assign one day a week to cook for several meals. This will help you avoid ordering take out and buying pre packaged meals.

  3. Start drinking warm water with lemon followed by celery juice first thing every morning to reset your gut and promote digestion.

  4. Incorporate some movement right after your celery juice to wake your body and mind. We encourage exercising in the morning since it is a mood and energy booster and it has positive impact on performance.

  5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: make sure you fuel your body with some protein, vitamins & minerals.

  6. When it comes to snaking, always have something healthy on hand. We recommend nuts, fruit, or raw vegetables to cut cravings.

  7. For your meals be sure to include: protein ( ie. fish, beans, or lean meat) & load up on the vegetables either cooked or raw. Healthy meals don't have to be boring, there are endless options.

  8. Take breaks from work and go for a walk or just breathe in some fresh air. This truly helps our minds release stress and encourages positive thinking.

  9. Choose joy- surround yourself with people who support you, fill up your cup, inspire you and help you grow. Social interactions are an important factor when it comes to mental health and boosting your spirit!!

  10. Last but most importantly: make time for self care (!!!). Whatever this may mean to you. For us, it is taking a warm bath with essential oils after work, going on a bike ride, doing gua sha or acupuncture, reading a good book, or watching our favorite movie.


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