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Our Favorite At-Home Workouts

We have tried them so you do not have to!

At-home workouts are now more relevant than ever! The beauty within them is the possibility of working out anytime, anywhere & most importantly: COVID free. The accessibility truly leaves us with no excuses! Here is a curated list of our favorite classes and platforms (most have free-trials) so that you can choose whichever option brings joy to your routine!

One of our favorite platforms even before quarantine started. MWH method focus' on low impact movements and combines yoga, pilates and meditation while still managing to make her workouts enjoyable. The videos range from 10-60 minutes, which makes the platform very adaptable to anyone’s schedule. MWH includes a 7 day free trial and the membership costs $9.99a month or $99.9 a year (saves you 20%).

The Tracy Anderson Method is designed to sculpt the figure regardless of body type, genetics and constitution. Not only does the method strengthen your body but it also favors the mind-body connection. The videos are categorized in three levels: Beginner, Fundamental and Attain, so that everyone can join. Her online membership costs $90 a month, but it offers a two-week free trial to get a full scope of what her method is about!

Megan Roup combines dance as cardio with bodyweight and light-weight strength exercises. The classes range from 5-55 minutes, and are meant for you to sweat and feel the burn as it targets those hard-to-reach muscles! The membership costs $19.99 a month and it includes a 7-day free trial.

If you are looking for low-impact workouts that are both efficient and effective and that focus on working every muscle and overall figure, P.volve is for you! The method focuses on targeting small muscles that lengthen and sculpt the body through resistance-based movements. The membership costs $19.99 a month for streaming. $53.99 for three months, $81.59 for six months, or a year for $143.99. You save on the monthly cost the longer you sign up for!

The Class is a method that mixes elements of yoga, pilates, HIIT, free-style dance and release, along with a carefully curated playlist. We first experienced The Class in 2018 in New York City and was blown away with this cathartic method of exercise. The classes are 60 minutes long and are great full-body workouts that are meant to design your body in the most elegant of ways while helping you release all of the negative tension you are holding within. The method was built to get you out of your head and into your body and will force you to dive deep into your heart and help you discover that movement is meant to help you navigate your life. After a two-week trial The Class costs $40 per month or $400 per year.

Yoga, bodyweight, barre, pilates.. There are endless options on the Alo Moves platform for you to choose from, depending on your mood, your time or your target area! The workouts are well-designed and challenging, with professional instructors and a wide range of videos to choose from. The membership costs $20 a month!

Created by a dear friend of mine this method is truly out of this world. Lilly is a traditionally trained yoga instructor that has a passion for fitness and helping others see their true beauty from within. Lilly has an effective way of getting you out of your head as you feel the burn and the sweat dripping down your face through providing motivational encouragement so you can hold that move for just 5 seconds longer...Check out her classes if you are looking for a mini life coaching session or a good sweat! You can become a member for as little as $1.60 a day.

We personally have never liked spinning however something about Peloton really has us obsessed. I am not sure if its the ability to take a 15-45 minute class rather than sitting in a sweaty room for almost an hour. I love the release I feel even after 30 minutes on the bike and I truly feel like I can connect to Ally Love and every piece of advice that comes out of her mouth. Our favorite instructors are Cody and Ally Love. The Peloton All-Access Membership costs $39/month.

We hope this is helpful!! We encourage you to try them out and incorporate whichever platform works best for you to your daily routine!

With love & good health,


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