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The Power of Crystals- Do they really work?

Crystals help us align our energy on consciousness level and help us heal our soul. Crystals structure the earth just like love structures our life..

Here are 7 reasons why we love them:

  1. Their internal geometry aligns our consciousness so that the flow of life can organically and naturally in divine proportions protect you so that nothing will overwhelm you.

  2. The colors of specific crystal heal the soul on emotional level.

  3. The attitude about crystal is important, a positive attitude is needed in order for them to be effective. They bring information to you in your consciousness. Your attitude creates an energy that allows our consciousness to expand and that will help the truth to be revealed to us and ultimately for us to live and be at our best.

  4. Where energy goes matter follows, meaning your thoughts create your realities, crystals help us to have more positive thoughts.

  5. Focus on having a scientific mind instead of superstitious mind.

  6. Intuition is more important than technical information, having a scientific mind doesn’t block your intuition, it helps us to have a clear mind aligned and integrated with your intuitive processes that come from the heart.

  7. Internal geometry of crystals aligns are mind when we are feeling scattered by raising our vibrations and help us organize our thoughts and align us with our higher self. When you are aligned with your higher self you are able to make decisions that are in your best interest.

When using crystals, be sure to cleanse them with sea salt after each use because crystals absorb negativity.


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