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Tulum Mini Travel Guide

Tulum, the jewel of Mexico's Rivera Maya, is located in Yucatán, in the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. It is the kind of destination where relaxing and exploring are not mutually exclusive. Tulum offers a laid-back atmosphere that has become the go-to destination for those who wish to disconnect but still explore, eat well and have some fun. I have been to Tulum many times and will return some more. It is easily accessible and has plenty to do and visit. Its colorful atmosphere, the mix of cultures, its white sands, cenotes and Mayan ruins define Tulum. Here are my top places from this extraordinary destination.



- Azulik - mystical, where luxury, nature and art coexist, and magical surroundings make the experience feel like you are in a sanctuary. In the heart of the Mayan jungle and by the sea. Insane service and two of the best restaurants of Tulum: Tseen Ja and Kin Toh.

- Hotel Panamera - lifestyle boutique hotel with great vibes and impeccable aesthetic.

- Nômade - holistic hotel where Mayan culture is represented and embraced to perfection; with an organic and sustainable approach, insane aesthetics, impecable service and best vibe and food. 100% recommend.

- Casa Malca - this art-filled hotel by the beach used to be Pablo Escobar's retirement villa. Dreamy place that brings art, nature and subtle elegance to the white sands of Tulum. If you stay somewhere else, I recommend that you still visit for an after-hours drink, they serve the best mezcal in town.

- Habitas Tulum - for a glamping experience, Habitas is located further away from the main hotels, but with such tranquil surroundings. The staff makes you feel at home and the food is incredible. There are yoga clases every morning and the views at sunset hour are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

- Hotel Esencia - very private and secluded, about 30 minutes away from the rest of Tulum. The hotel used to be the house of an Italian duchess.

- Be Tulum - spectacular seaside hotel that offers yoga classes every morning, amazing food, the most relaxing spa and 20 suites (each of them with a private pool._ A magnificent place to relax and unwind.



- Hartwood - perfect for dinner, candle-lit and rustic, serving seasonal and local food only. The grilled fish and octopus are some of my favorite dishes.

- Macondo - in the Nômade hotel. This restaurant offers a plant-based concept to enjoy in an intimate moroccan-style space. You can also eat by the beach, which makes it the best spot for breakfast or lunch.

- Kin Toh - in Azulik hotel, Kin Toh offers Mayan-Mexican signature cuisine and combines local and native ingredients to bring tradition to the table.

- - blend of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine, in a jungle setting and candle-lit ambiance.

- Posada Margherita - romantic restaurant serving a dreamy caprese salad and delightful pizza or linguini, and a dreamy location for late-afternoon drinks.

- Real Coconut Café - favorite for breakfast, this conscious restaurant brings plant-based, grain, gluten and dairy free dishes.



- A day trip to the cenotes where you can snorkel and swim in clear waters. The Cenote Aktun Ha is filled with caverns and underwater treasures.

- Visiting the Mayan ruins is a must! Chichen Itzá, which used to be the center of the Mayan empire, is a two hour trip but worth the visit.

- Bike around the main street of Tulum and get lost in the local stores. I love KM33, where you will find one of a kind, exotic, hand-made treasures.

-Visit Yäan Healing Sanctuary, a spa lovers utopia! Try their 60-minute massage and herbal bath treatment.


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